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Universalinet is the perfect solution for your online Social Tools needs. Self-promoting features find new and interesting things to do, places to go, and people to meet.

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Our online tools and mobile apps can calculate new options
for you, for a better lifestyle.

Scalable, reliable, and user-friendly, the solution provides
a breakthrough Social Internetworking technology.

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Project Details


    Profile Options, Image
    Date : July 2016
    Utility : Big Data
    Categories : Profile Options

    The Challenge

    Answering the same questions, over and over, can be counter-productive. When making a decision or looking for change, knowledge is power.

    The Solution

    Universalinet uses business intelligence to organize and present common and innovative answers to your questions or problems. Our advanced solution also includes additional explanations of how to solve problems, and take action on new opportunities.

    The Result

    The choice is yours. But, knowing your options takes care of half the challenge of decision-making. The other half of the challenge is about knowing how to solve the problem. We take a user friendly approach to presenting the knowledgebase information, based on your Universalinet user profile.


    Complex Event Processing, Image
    Date : July 2016
    Utility : Profile Options
    Categories : Complex Event Processing

    The Challenge

    It is possible to maintain thousands of social network connections without realizing the benefits from most of the relationships.

    The Solution

    Social intelligence uses intellisense, for predictive guidance in handling fast-changing plans, events and responses/actions.

    Universalinet uses a breakthrough Social Internetworking technology to communicate using intellisense, for informative notifications, alerts, and reports.

    New Ideas

    Ingenuity, Video
    Date : July 2016
    Utility : Profile Options
    Categories : Ingenuity

    The Challenge

    New ideas are useful if the information can make a positive difference. Finding the idea that fits a situation is often a challenge.

    The Solution

    The Universalinet Social Studio can utilize the user profile information to match a new idea from its resourceful data repository. Regular suggestions, ideas, options, and opportunities are available when your circumstances match qualifying conditions.

    The Result

    The ease of finding matching opportunities based on your trajectory and goals means lots of options are within reach.


    Goals, Video
    Date : July 2016
    Utility : Profile Tracking
    Categories : Initiatives

    The Challenge

    Realizing your potential is a challenge. Most everyone needs a work-life balance. You have to be prepared for life changes.

    The Solution

    The Universalinet life coaching social tool uses logic automations and algorithms to calculate and take into consideration your user profile settings and circumstances. You get to state the scenario; from wish list items, to life planning for teens, family, and individuals. The social tools engine utilizes its resources to learn your likes and dislikes, to reduce the number of alternatives and help you zero-in on exact solutions.


    Social Networks, Images
    Date : July 2016
    Utility : Profile Tracking
    Categories : Social Networks

    The Challenge

    Healthy living is a challenge, and may be as equally as important as choosing what group to join on a social network. Your lifestyle is how you live. Life may be too busy, and change too difficult, while having to reduce your lifestyle may be unacceptable.

    Universalinet is a personalization tool. With an extensive set of automations, numerous solutions are within reach, to help you solve everyday problems and achieve complex goals. Set up your profile to get experiences that complement your lifestyle.

    Solutions to achieving initiatives, but with a customized approach that accommodates your lifestyle choices.

    We are ready for the next challenge. Yours!

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    • In the Internet of Things, a certain synergy exists between users and the Internet that is resulting in a perpetual automation of reasoning and logic.

      Tim Landers / Universalinet

    • Self-promoting features find new and interesting things to do, places to go, and people to meet.

      Tim Landers / Universalinet

    • Universalinet Social Studio lets you try various programs and methods to achieve your goals. It helps you take the stress out of complicated decisions, to get it done in less time.

      Tim Landers / Universalinet

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    Founded in 2000, we are a small team of Web and data developers
    who enjoy online digital service automations.
    Our solution places you at the helm of your lifestyle choices.

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    You have to put a lot into life to get a lot from it. We use your criteria to your benefit.

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    Lead Designer & Founder


    We aim to create and maintain efficient processses to help you achieve your priorities, and to be a name that you can trust. From Web developers, to data engineers, to software programmers, we listen to you to make for a better user experience.

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    We utilize automation technologies for performance, user-friendliness, and scalability.


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